Instytut Nauk Społeczno-Ekonomicznych Sp. z o. o. [Institute of Social and Economic Research] is a research institution, conducting wide ranging scientific research and advisory activities in Poland and abroad since 2009.

Experience of the Institute guarantee professional and reliable implementation of projects and consulting services. More than 200 organisations of various types have benefitted from the Institute's offer, which is certified by the received testimonials. We work with public sector institutions, NGOs and commercial entities, both from Poland and other countries (e.g. Ireland, Belgium and Austria). We have prepared more than 180 research reports on socio-economic issues, and carried out evaluation studies in over 50 projects. We manage over 50 websites, which we have created for various projects and we have acquired financial resources to implement over 100 projects worth more than 25 million EUR.

Institute of Social and Economic Research has nearly 30full-time professionals of social sciences and economics. Their experience and competence guarantee professional and fair implementation of projects and services. 

Technical facilities to carry out scientific research and advisory activities of Institute of Social and Economic Research are the rooms with a total floor area of around 700 m2 including a special focus room.

Evaluation of projects

Institute of Social and Economic Research specialises in reliable and comprehensive evaluation of projects on various topics (labour market, science and education, development of knowledge and personal skills) and of various character (training projects and research, as well as information and promotion) Evaluations prepared in the Institute are carried out by specialists in the field of: sociology, psychology and economics, with the use of various techniques and research methods. That includes: surveys, interactive surveys, free interviews with various degree of standardisation, field observations, case study, examining documents "desk research"). The process of evaluation is always carefully planned and tailored to individual features of the project, which result in accurate, effective and usable reports.

E-learning Solutions

Institute of Social and Economic Research specialises in the development of e-learning courses and supports others in their implementation. Experience of the Institute gained through long-term collaboration with universities and schools at different levels of education, helps to prepare tools and applications suitable for needs of student, teachers and managers. E-learning courses, prepared both in Polish and foreign languages, concern the issues of international marketing, protection of the environment, law, statistics and demographics, management and logistics, and are designed according to the principles of distance teaching methodology using the latest software.


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